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Find out how to get back your natural hair colour
Find out how to get back your natural hair colour
Find out how to get back your natural hair colour
Hair colouring

Restore your natural colour after permanently colouring your hair


Unless you have extremely short hair, getting back your natural hair colour after permanent colouring takes time. Here is our advice on how to gently grow out your colour.

Opt for tone-on-tone hair colouring

Restoring your hair to its natural colour can take several months, depending on the length of your hair. To conceal the "obvious roots" effect, tone-on-tone hair colouring techniques are your best friend . Unlike permanent hair colouring, tone-on-tone hair colouring does not contain ammonia, it does not penetrate the hair fibre and it washes out after a few weeks. This is just a solution for covering up the hair colour that's growing out, giving it time to grow out properly.

Opt for bleaching

Say goodbye to colouring techniques if you have decided to fully embrace your grey hair ! To achieve this you have two solutions: leave it to grow out (by going through the two-tone hair phase) or bleach your hair to obtain a blond/white colour. This second radical option makes the growing out stage much more discreet. To achieve this result, the colourist will apply a mixture of oxidising active ingredients, which will remove the pigments from your hair (in certain cases, this step can be done on two separate occasions to let your locks rest). You can then cover your hair with a grey hair colouring treatment to match your roots.

Professional advice

After bleaching , your hair will be weakened, and so you must be rigorous with your hair regime. Regular masks, products specifically designed for your new colour and avoiding using heated appliances are all essential so your hair can recover properly.

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