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Hair colouring
Hair colouring
Hair colouring

Everything you need to know about bleaching


Bleaching is a technique which shouldn't be taken lightly. Damaging for the hair, you should know the ins and outs before adopting it. We review everything you should know about bleaching before you take the plunge with peace of mind.

What does it consist of?

Bleaching is a chemical process allowing you to make your hair lighter with a mixture of oxidising products. Once applied, this mixture penetrates the hair fibre to remove the pigments. The longer the application time, the lighter the hair will be. Bleaching can be used on its own or when preparing a new colouring. The final finish will depend on your base colour.

Our advice. If you are going to bleach your hair, always get it done at the salon. Say goodbye to any attempts at home! This technique requires painstaking, personalised and professional work. Your hairdresser will be in the best position to make a good diagnosis of your hair. They will then proceed step by step to obtain an even and personalised result whilst preserving your hair's health as much as possible.

When should it be used?

If you wish to completely change the colour of your hair. Should you simply wish to make your hair one to three tones lighter, opt for temporary colouring. However, bleaching is essential when going from brunette to blond, or from brunette to red or dark brown to platinum blond. Furthermore, this is not the kind of technique you should abuse. Successive bleaching will definitely damage your hair's vitality.

Our advice. Above all, do not bleach your hair if it is damaged. As this technique inevitably weakens your hair, it will only make its condition worse. Before launching into this technique, take the time to regenerate your hair. To do this, adopt treatments from the Keratin Therapy range, which are specifically designed to deeply restructure the hair fibre.

How do I maintain bleached hair?

Your hair requires upkeep both at home and in the salon. Visit your hairdresser every 3-6 weeks for any touch-ups to the roots. At home, pamper your locks with products from the Color Therapy range. Above all, consider applying intensive treatment at least once a week, such as the Deep Color Mask which repairs, softens and gives nutrition all in one.

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