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Grey hair, what should I do?
Grey hair, what should I do?
Grey hair, what should I do?
Hair care

Grey hair at 30: what solutions do I have?


Your first grey hairs: friends or foe? Do you wish to conceal them, make them disappear or, on the contrary, fully embrace them? Our expert tells you about all of the techniques available to you, no matter what your stance is.

Solution 1: hide your grey hair with partial or temporary hair colouring

"If your grey hairs aren't that noticeable, opt for streaks or highlights. By creating lighter highlights, you will blend them into your hair in a highly natural way. If they represent less than 40% of your hair, you can also go for a Gloss treatment . This tone-on-tone colouring technique will transparently cover them up. Finally, if you prefer to have more coverage, your hairdresser will use Luo Color by L'Oréal to add maximum luminosity to your hair."

"Partial or temporary hair colouring will not make your grey hairs disappear. However, these techniques will perfectly camouflage them."

Vanessa Giani

Solution 2: cover your grey hairs 100% with permanent hair colouring

"This colouring technique is recommended if you have mostly grey hair and you wish to fully conceal it. It isn't an option to be taken lightly because, as its name indicates, it is permanent and final. Once your colour has been applied, you will no longer be able to get back your natural colour , unless you leave your hair to grow out. You should also visit your hairdresser every month for any touch-ups on your roots. At the age of 30, going to the hairdresser this often can feel very restrictive, notably on a financial level."

Solution 3: fully embrace your grey hair!

"Embracing your grey hair is a must! Just learning to live with your grey hairs can take real psychological work... Once you accept them, you will without doubt learn to be proud of your grey hair! When your grey hair is natural, like yours is, the effect is both beautiful and wonderful. Also, for several seasons, grey hair has been more on trend than ever! Finally, if you decide to proudly show off your white or grey hair, don't forget to maintain it with Silver Therapy shampoo. Use it every two to three shampoos. You will preserve your luminous highlights and will keep your hair looking full of vitality."

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Vanessa Giani - trainer in Paris
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Vanessa Giani - trainer in Paris
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