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Enhance your blond locks with highlights suited to your hair colour
Enhance your blond locks with highlights suited to your hair colour

Hair colouring: choose the perfect highlights for blond locks

Golden blond, platinum hair, ash locks... It is hard to know what to do with all these different shades of blond with either warm or cold tones. To enhance your hair colour, only a colourist will be able to choose the right highlights for your locks. However, here are the essential factors to keep in mind.

Highlights for illuminating golden to dark blond

To give your blond hair a boost, a few lighter strands blended into your base colour will allow you to get that light sun-kissed look. For a natural finish, opt for highlights like the blond from your childhood. In dark blond hair opt for caramel or Californian highlights. These golden shades will allow you to warm up your base colour.

Silver highlights to enhance ash and ice blond

What do these colours all have in common? They all have silver undertones. Partway between golden blond and dark blond, ash coloured hair stands out due to its cold accent colours which are verging on grey. Ice blond is almost white, so it is the perfect candidate for silver highlights which you can get by regularly using anti-yellowing treatments. To keep your colour looking good and neutralise any yellowing strands, use these treatments every 3-5 washes depending on how strong an effect you want.


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