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Ice blonde hair
Ice blonde hair
Ice blonde hair
Styles and trends

Ice blonde hair


The hugely popular Autumn-Winter 2011 trend, ice blonde hair, is making its way back again for the new autumn season, re-affirming its status as the IT hair colour! This cool blonde shade has already seduced a number of fashionistas and despite what many people may think, it will not make you look older! Here's a little style lesson...

The ice blonde trend. Once the big names in fashion realised its glamour potential and started sporting this colour trend, many of you followed suit. At first though, it was hard to be sure that you wouldn't instantly age 20 years with this near-white colour! But in fact, ice blonde hair can have quite the opposite effect, as long as you know how to wear it!

Who for? It's tricky to wear cool tones if naturally you are a brunette with olive skin! As ice blonde hair is particularly light, sometimes even white, it is designed for women with naturally fair skin. If your natural hair colour is blonde, choosing a whiter shade will brighten it right up. But this doesn't necessarily mean that brunettes have to deny themselves this pleasure. With a good stylist and the right technique, you can achieve the same stellar results!

How to wear it. The ice blonde colour will instantly give you an irresistible glam-rock edge. It should be worn long, loose or slightly dishevelled (another trend for this A/W season). It also looks great on short, tousled hair.

How to look after your ice blonde hair. To keep your colour looking bright and to neutralise any yellow tones, use treatments designed for blonde hair. To accentuate the cool tones of your ice blonde locks and keep them bright, alternate between shampoos for white hair and treatments designed to rid hair of any yellow tones. Finally, if you're going swimming in the sea or the pool, use protective oils to avoid damage to your colour and stop it from fading. For even more protection, you can always stick on a shower cap!

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