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Dishevelled hair
Dishevelled hair
Dishevelled hair
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Dishevelled hair

Gone are the days when you mother wouldn’t let you leave the house without picture perfect hair! Now it’s time to bring out your wild side with cunningly coiffed, obscure styles. This Autumn-Winter season, count on dishevelled hair for a look-at-me neo-grunge style.

The neo-grunge trend. A pretty edgy look which manages to stay feminine at the same time. When it comes to colour, go for black but avoid too trashy pieces such as ripped jeans or shapeless checked shirts. Instead opt for shorts, black tights, fitted blazers and biker boots! As for make-up, avoid the pastels and romantic braids we’ve seen so much of this summer and replace them with bold smokey eyes and deliberately untamed hair.

How to get tousled hair. Spotted on the catwalk for John Rocha’s Autumn-Winter 2012 collection, the dishevelled hair trend has that natural, “just-got-out-of-bed” look. But don’t think that all you need to do to get this hairstyle is get out from under your duvet! Even though it’s a fairly simple style, it still requires a bit of work. The dishevelled hair look works best on loose, long hair. Hair is left to dry naturally and styled with the fingers. Start by backcombing your whole head to create a slightly tangled effect for more volume. Then, use a styling mousse and twist and roll your lengths for that untamed effect.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO