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Meet this couple who run two Jean Louis David salons under franchise, one of which has been voted Salon of the Year.
Meet this couple who run two Jean Louis David salons under franchise, one of which has been voted Salon of the Year.
Meet this couple who run two Jean Louis David salons under franchise, one of which has been voted Salon of the Year.

'We must make Jean Louis David's dream a reality' Sébastien and Séverine Looten


They run two branches in Lille and Villeneuve D'Ascq and Séverine is salon manager in Lille. Both life and work partners, they decided to become Jean Louis David franchisees 17 years ago. This reflects their loyalty and attachment to the brand which, combined with scrupulous adherence to Jean Louis David's values, saw them rewarded with the title of Salon of the Year. We take a look at these two enthusiastic salon workers, who share their expertise and obvious rapport with us.

Why did you decide to join the Jean Louis David franchise?

Sébastien: Jean Louis David is first and foremost about a meaningful history full of conviction. It is an avant-garde brand that knew how to respond to the issues faced by the trade before its competitors, among other things. That's why we are with Jean Louis David and why we believe in the brand.

Séverine: It's also because we agree with the image of women portrayed by the brand.

What do you consider the Jean Louis David woman to be like?

Séverine: She is dynamic, sporty and sexy. She's a modern successful woman!

Sébastien: Yes, she's a modern woman who changes over time and is attractive, always with that sexy edge.

One of your branches was voted Salon of the Year... What's the secret of your success?

Séverine: You must abide by the rules set by Jean Louis David, ranging from hygiene matters to showing commitment to customers and guaranteeing successful results when they leave the salon. You must also keep a positive attitude within the team, as customers can quickly pick up on the atmosphere in the salon. And more than anything you have to love what you do.

Sébastien: We must make "Jean Louis David's dream" a reality. That means that we must make sure that women get a salon experience that matches the brand image. These days, even a customer coming to Jean Louis David for the first time already knows a little about what the brand stands for and what its values are. She can identify with the Jean Louis David woman. It's down to us to live up to the promises Jean Louis David has made to our customers!

Which developments in hairdressing techniques do you particularly like?

Séverine: The new JLD technique for the ICONIC collection is Contrast Color, which makes it possible to combine the illuminating effects of lightening the hair with subtle depth-enhancing effects like colour vibrations.

Séverine: I'd say the nude colouring technique. It's a colouring technique which mimics the "nude skin look", with natural effects perfect for the modern women we mentioned previously. With these new techniques, there is no longer the hassle of touching up your hair colour every four weeks and you can now come into the salon when you like and when you can. Plus, the products are ever kinder to the hair.

Sébastien: Before, there were only one or two haircuts that were in fashion and everyone had the same one. Now, there are a multitude of techniques, finishes, lengths... The biggest development is personalisation. We pinpoint the needs and wants of the customer, adapt the looks from our collections and give her a personalised haircut. We also see certain trends coming back in fashion due to this exclusive touch that we can give to our hairstyles. We have two collections a year. This pace allows us to constantly revisit trends and styles.

What do you like about the Autumn-Winter 2017/2018 trends?

Séverine: For men, the graduated short cuts (layers which are shaved on the sides to create an undercut) are popular and often asked for by our customers. These days, excellent equipment means that we can craft them very well indeed. For women, we have noticed a comeback of short haircuts. It is great being able to cut women's hair short to add a dynamic edge to their hairstyle. Customers are going to want a completely different look!

Sébastien: Séverine also really liked the tomboy haircut with its de-styled punk effect.

A piece of advice for rocking the bowl cut which is highly on trend this season?

Séverine: Styling! As we can see with the several variations of the graphic bowl cut from the Jean Louis David Iconic collection, how this cut is styled is key for playing with different looks, making it easy to wear day-to-day. It can of course be a pudding bowl shape, but also curly or swept towards the back or side to fully transform the look.

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