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This season at Jean Louis David, this short haircut is multi-faceted and plays with masculine-feminine styles
This season at Jean Louis David, this short haircut is multi-faceted and plays with masculine-feminine styles
This season at Jean Louis David, this short haircut is multi-faceted and plays with masculine-feminine styles
Autumn-Winter collection

Jean Louis David Autumn-Winter 2017/2018: the tomboy haircut for a boyish style


For Autumn-Winter 2017/2018, the short layered cut by Jean Louis David is getting a rock'n'roll attitude with ultra-structured styling and thinned-out locks. This is an androgynous and daring look which enhances extreme blond locks.

The haircut

Structured by a completely asymmetrical fringe, longer over one eyebrow and with long sideburns for a punk effect, this graphic short haircut is layered and thinned out to lightly frame the face.

The colouring technique

Highlights are added to platinum blonde to give a more rock chick look to the hairstyle and the locks are enhanced by slightly darker roots to add depth to the cut. As for the tips, they are lightened as much as possible to make your eyes pop.

The 4 variations of the tomboy haircut

• The dual-textured slicked back look

• The ultra-smooth shiny look

• The quiff front section

• The messy-styled punk effect

The dual-textured slicked back look

Here the hair is smoothed down using a flat brush to minimise volume. Your hair dryer should follow the upwards and downwards movement of the brush, going from the roots, extending each section out down to the tips. The hair is then texturized in two stages. The first: the sides are slicked down with Shine Wax, a styling and sculpting wax which maximises shine. The second: the top of the hairstyle is fixed using Design Spray, a texturizing spray which adds volume to straightened hair to create a textured effect .

The ultra-smooth shiny look

To achieve this ultra-smooth result, the hairstyle is created using Liss Therapy Smoothing Mist, a pre-blow drying treatment which makes straightening effects last and which acts as a varnish on the hair fibre to give it more shine. Once the product is spread out over your locks, they are then tamed either with the hairdryer and a brush, or straighteners, to give an impeccably smooth and glossy effect.

The quiff front section

To get a boyish look, this haircut revolves around a side parting which adds movement to the hairstyle. The sides are then smoothed down and slicked back behind the ears to better showcase the styled quiff front section. To do this, the front section is slicked back with the hair dryer when blow-drying, and then held in place with Fix Ultime extra hold hairspray to form the "quiff" effect.

The messy-styled punk effect

In this, the entirety of your hair is styled using Shine Wax, a styling wax which makes your hair shine, before Texture Powder, a volumizing powder which gives body to your locks, is sprinkled on at the roots. The hair is then ruffled up with your fingers to sculpt the short haircut and to create a messy-styled punk effect.

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by Jean Louis David

By Jean Louis David

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