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Looking after your hair color
Looking after your hair color
Looking after your hair color

Looking after your hair color

Maintaining your color takes a lot of hard work. Going to your salon every 3 months simply isn’t enough to keep your hair color vibrant and shiny. You need to use the right products at home, whatever your hair color and length.
When your stylist applies your hair colour, they should be looking at the quality and healthiness of your hair. ‘It’s a good idea to avoid applying color to damaged hair as this will only worsen the problem. What’s worse, once you have colored damaged hair, it’s very difficult to take care of it. Hair can appear dull and lifeless, even with your new color.’
Hair colors applied in salons last much longer than your average home dye kit. ‘ Your stylist is an expert at applying color, which is important when you want precise results. A color that has been applied properly is also easier to maintain day to day. You will be able to wait longer in between hair appointments meaning you can color your hair less, getting the same results.’
You can either choose to look after your color by making regular salon appointments or using home care products. ‘The Jean Louis David Colour Therapy' range has wide choice of products available for clients. The Colour Therapy range looks after your color with long lasting results as well as making hair shiny and nourished. Hair is protected and cared for using expert products.
So, what’s the difference between the salon treatments and home product kit? Personalisation. ‘In salon, all 3 products within the range are used and follow a precise application process. At home, you may not choose to use all 3 products. Moreover, in salons, your stylist will adjust the treatment according to your hair’s needs and individual tones. The mask stage of the treatments uses color pigments that pick up on your natural hair color to give a beautiful color and shine.
Our tip: To keep your color looking vibrant for as long as possible, ask your stylist for the Colour Therapy treatment the same day you get your hair colored, for maximum results. In this case, no extra color pigment will be added, however the 3 stages will help to fix your color to the hair fibres for long lasting results.

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