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Leave-in treatments: why use them?
Leave-in treatments: why use them?

Leave-in treatments: why use them?

Leave-in treatments are a real must-have to add to your vanity case. Discover what makes them essential.

They are ultra-practical!

"These treatments save you lots of time as you spray them on before styling, without needing to wash them out. Furthermore, the result is instant: your hair is beautiful, hydrated and shiny. The leave-in treatments are perfect for rushed mornings, but also for those of you who don't wish to have tons of hair products (conditioner, mask, serum...)."

"By using them, your hair will stay soft and easy to untangle."

Laura Superbi

How to use your treatment?

"Preferably apply it to dry hair before styling or damp hair after shampooing. Spray it on at arm's length. Carefully comb or brush it in to spread your treatment evenly, then leave it as it is... You are ready to go! You can also spread it over your hair using your hands to make the product soak into the hair fibre well."

Which Jean Louis David leave-in treatments are available?

The 10 in 1 Leave-In Spray Mask from the Express Therapy range. This treatment is quite simply magical. It combines 10 actions in one application. Its innovative technology prolongs the effects of shampooing. Furthermore, it deeply nourishes, repairs, hydrates, untangles and protects your hair from external damage.

The bi-phase Shine & Soft Leave-In treatment from the Hydra Therapy range. It instantly untangles all types of hair and makes them shine easily. Furthermore, it hydrates the hair fibre and restores your hair's shine, notably if it is dry or feels rough to touch.


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