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The short bob and fringe combo
The short bob and fringe combo
The short bob and fringe combo

The short bob and fringe combo

Considered a must-have hairstyle over the last couple of seasons, the bob can be styled and cut into many different shapes and forms. Today, we’re loving this short bob style with a matching fringe. Is this style easy to maintain day-to-day, we hear you ask? The pros discuss their thoughts on the short bob look.
This style is based on a subtly layered bob. ‘The hair at the back is shaped into the natural curve of your head in order to avoid the dreaded helmet effect. The shorter length of the hair itself is enough to give your hair volume and create an on-trend bowl look’.
This haircut is bold and has real impact. ‘This style is not for the faint-hearted and should be worn confidently. Here, added texture enables the wearer to create volume and body. This look has been popular since the 60s, however not all women could pull of the short bob. This version, however, is perfect for everyone’.
The fringe and lengths of this style are almost identical, yet this is not a problem when it comes to styling. ‘The fringe is what gives this cut personality and character. It is an integral part of creating this chic look, and every woman can create a different fringe depending on her individual tastes. Just because your hairstyle is short, doesn’t mean your fringe needs to be too!’
With shorter hair, you can create a multitude of different looks by varying texture with styling products. ‘Perfect Liss is ideal for creating super straight locks, whereas Beach Spray is more suited to beachy waves. Simply experiment and find out which product is best suited to your hair type and style’.
Our tip: If you’re tempted to cut your fringe similar to the style shown above, bear in mind that you will need to style and tame it into place each morning. This fringe is fairly heavy and will need looking after to keep your style looking groomed. Have fun and try creating a quiff or combing your fringe to one side to vary your look.
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