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The unstructured bowl cut
The unstructured bowl cut
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The unstructured bowl cut

Who said short cuts have to fall into the boyish category? The unstructured bowl cut is both short and feminine; find out more here.
The principle of the bowl cut. The bowl cut is best done on short hair. But it can also be considered on a short bob, in which case the bowl cut will be more defined. The concept is simple: the bowl cut has a gently rounded shape in harmony with the shape of your head.
The unstructured bowl cut. While the base is certainly short, it is layered and longer on the neck in order to keep maximum thickness. The longer strands on the front also give an impression of fluidity and movement which increases styling possibilities. Its flexibility and femininity are highly desirable.
Possible styles. For a wise look, use straighteners to smooth the hair. For a glam’ rock style, do a gentle blow dry and make the most of the volume. For a wet look, pull your hair back using gel. For a ‘caliente’ spirit, create gentle waves in the hair by drying it before using curling tongs.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO