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60s hairstyles
60s hairstyles
60s hairstyles

60s hairstyles

In the 50s women started to go for shorter, more masculine cuts to break away from their “just a pretty face” image. The 60s saw a return of ultra-feminine cuts, and we’re not talking about haircuts that these women’s grandmothers would have worn... Find out the must-have looks from this decade so you can pull them off in style.
Backcombed hair. In the 60s it was all about maximum volume for XXL cuts and exaggerated finishes. Hair was worn thick and full, and to do this we’re yet to find any better technique than backcombing! To backcomb your hair you’ll need a comb. Take a section of hair, hold it in the air and use the comb to push your hair towards the roots.
The beehive. This is one of the most essential styles of the decade, a style made famous by the no less iconic Brigitte Bardot. This style often comes with a full fringe, but a side fringe will also do. To do this, backcomb the hair on the top of your head to give it as much volume as possible, and then pull it back into a chignon or half-ponytail. Leave the rest of your hair down, gently tousled.
The IT accessory, the bandeau (chunky headband). To wear it like they did in the sixties, choose a wide version. The bandeau should be worn on loose hair, glamorously finished with flicked-out ends and a full fringe. Place the bandeau in the middle of your head. Or, more simply, on loose hair left tousled or slightly wavy, this time with the bandeau towards your forehead.
The centre-parting. Create this parting on loose, straight hair for a bohemian effect. The hippie movement was just being born, but the style and its followers were already growing fast. Once again, the fringe is a bonus with this look for a truly sixties result.
The blunt fringe. This fringe featured in almost every sixties style. The blunt fringe, either full or wispy, decorated nearly every forehead. A hair revolution which has not faded over the years. Indeed, it’s still at the heart of so many trends this season!

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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO