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Choosing the right bob
Choosing the right bob
Choosing the right bob

Choosing the right bob

The bob cut is a fundamental in the world of hairdressing. But there are heaps of versions to choose from to suit all tastes and styles. Our professional stylist tells you everything you need to know about this essential, timeless haircut.

“It would be silly to say that different versions of this cut go with different styles, even though some versions make us think of specific movie icons. But this actually allows us to visualize the cuts, such as Marilyn Monroe’s curly bob style, Louise Brooks’ short, graphic version, and even Cleopatra’s straight, blunt look. No one alive today has ever seen this style, but everyone knows how to copy it.” Being able to refer to such images means that the stylist and the client can understand each other, without having to use over-complicated technical terms.
What you need to know is that in hair styling there are two types of cut: all-one-length and layered. The client must choose either one or the other. The bob cut is geometrical, structured so that all sections are the same length. Once we move away from this rule, we are dealing with a layered cut. “One of the big trends this year is the so-called blunt cut. This all-one-length style is full and worn straight for maximum texture, and gives extra character to the cut and its wearer.”
After that it’s up to you to decide what you like and what looks good on you. Forget some of the things people often say about this style. “Some say that people with round-shaped heads can’t pull off the bob cut. This is wrong. The style just needs to be adapted, mainly in terms of length.” There are, however, a couple of things to bear in mind. “For example, remember that a longer cut will tend to lengthen the face, and a few layers at the ends of a bob cut will add volume and have a rounding effect. Great for fine hair!”

Our tip: To add dimension and originality to your bob style, why not try a fringe. Again, the fringe can also be adapted to the version of the bob cut you will end up chosing.
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