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The colourful dip dye
The colourful dip dye
The colourful dip dye
Hair colouring

The colourful dip dye

The dip dye is still a hugely popular hair trend. Up until now it involved lightening the mid-lengths and ends. But this summer, the dip dye is going colourful. Blue, pink, green... Anything goes!
The idea behind the colourful dip dye. It uses the same technique as the "classic" dip dye, but this time, instead of adding light, you're adding colour. For maximum impact, the two colours should contrast. If you have a dark base colour, enhance it with blond or bright colours. If you have blond hair, opt for colours in red or auburn tones. Brights should preferably be avoided unless you're heading to a fancy-dress party...
Who is it for? To keep the contrast truly striking, we recommend the dip dye for long hair. This kind of colour trend is perfect if you have an original, even extravagant style. Because you won't be going unnoticed with this dip dye!
How to wear it. If you want a permanent colourful dip dye, visit your hairdresser. To avoid any disasters, don't do it at home. To bring out your dip dye and look after your hair, keep your mid-lengths and ends hydrated. Use a hair mask for coloured hair. This will give you shiny, well-nourished hair all summer long.
Styling ideas. What better to show off your colourful dip dye than by wearing your hair down! And why not wear it wavy? This will really enhance your colour. Blow-dry your hair with your head upside down, then roll wide sections around your curling tongs. Work from the mid-lengths downwards.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO