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How to use your curling tongs properly
How to use your curling tongs properly

How to use your curling tongs properly

You’ve found just the curling tongs you’re after, but do you know how to use them to get the best curls? Before you make any silly mistakes, here’s some advice from the pros on how to make your curling tongs your partner in hair! 
Before getting out your curling tongs, ask yourself if the time is right! “We can’t stress enough that for your curls to last, you should wash your hair the day before you plan to curl it. The shape will drop more easily on clean hair.” Use styling products to help structure the curl. “If you want long-lasting curls, opt for a styling mousse. For a softer result, a curl definition product will do.” Whichever product you choose, it is best applied to wet hair to add body and spring to the curls.
Now that your hair is ready to go, you can start creating your cute curls. Remember that your curling tongs can only be used on dry hair. “Blow dry your hair thoroughly first, being careful not to burn your precious locks.” Then, take your curling tongs, whichever diameter you prefer, depending on the result you’re after (the wider the barrel, the bigger the curl will be and vice versa). “Choose the sections you want to curl. You don’t have to curl the full length of your hair if you don’t want to - this can take a long time!”
To use your curling tongs properly, roll the piece of hair you want to curl around the full length of the curling tongs so that the heat is evenly distributed. “Try to do this fairly swiftly so that your hair is not subjected to the heat for too long. So roll the piece of hair quickly around the curling tongs in a spiral motion, wait a few seconds, then release the curling tongs to free the hair and wait for it to cool down.” If you want to curl your hair like a pro, hold your head upside down with the end of the tongs pointed towards the floor!
Be careful when using your curling tongs in order to avoid breaking your hair or adding kinks. “It’s the round section of the curling tongs that gives your hair its shape, whereas the section on top is hollow and contains ridges. So make sure you spread your hair out evenly to avoid kinks.
Our tip: If you have long hair, it’s best to curl your hair in two goes. Your hair will get too hot if you’re trying to roll the whole length around the tongs.
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