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 How to wear long hair
How to wear long hair
How to wear long hair

How to wear long hair


It takes a long time to grow long hair. Getting another 20cm on top of what you already have requires a lot of patience. So once you’ve reached your perfect length, you need to make the best of it. Here are some trendy styling ideas for long hair.


Before you even think about styling, you need to think about the cut. A good cut will do wonders for long hair. Go for subtle layers as soon as your ends reach your shoulders. “Also make sure you look after your lengths to keep them soft and shiny, and treat your ends before they split.” To do this, there is but one word: hydration! Use keratin-based products or nourishing treatments.


To show off your long hair, opt for looser styles. “This autumn-winter we’ve been seeing a lot of long, ultra-straight styles, sometimes accompanied with a fringe. This is a very chic seventies style achieved through meticulous straightening.” Apply a heat-active treatment to wet hair, blow dry then straighten using your straightening irons. Keeping with the seventies theme, why not try the “Charlie’s Angels” blow-dry, full of volume with flicked-out ends.


Long, wavy hair is perfect for a dishevelled, bohemian effect. Soft, wispy curls for subtle waves. “Style your hair using a styling mousse for a natural result. Apply the mousse to wet hair and blow dry, using your fingers to scrunch up your mid-lengths and ends.”


For a chiccer style, go for something Hollywoodesque. Either an ultra-straight blow-dry with the ends curled under, or for the staple side-hair/one-shoulder style, a huge favourite with the celebs! The idea? Long, shiny locks worn across one shoulder. Success guaranteed!


Our tip: Even though it breaks your heart to have your hair cut, just remember that it will leave your hair looking revitalised in the long-term. Poorly kept ends will eventually split and turn dry, leaving your lengths to suffer the consequences.


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