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Long, ultra-straight hair
Long, ultra-straight hair
Long, ultra-straight hair

Long, ultra-straight hair

Super straight hair is a key catwalk trend for current autumn-winter collections, with lots of designers making it their hairstyle of choice. Accessorized with a fringe or simply left on its own, what this seventies hair has on its side is impeccably straight, infinite length. Here’s a closer look at this long-standing trend.
Long, straight hair. Long, ultra-straight hair was huge back in the 70s. This style went hand in hand with the hippie movement and was enjoyed by a number of artists before making its way onto the streets. Think Françoise Hardy or Jane Birkin who both wore it with a fringe (which was straight as well). But long, ultra-straight hair was also worn without a fringe with a simple centre parting.
How to get long, straight hair. To get sleek, straight hair, your straighteners will have to become your closest ally. Apply a heat protector spray to dry hair to protect your hair from the heat of your styling tools. This will also make your hair easier to straighten. Plug in your straighteners and wait for them to heat up. Straighten your hair section by section. Close your straighteners around the roots then slide down to the ends. Don’t leave them too long on the same section or you may overheat your hair. Instead, straighten your hair meticulously to avoid having to go over the same section more than once. Once your hair is straight, apply some hairspray. Spray onto your comb or brush then use it to style. This will make your straight hair last longer and also get rid of any unruly frizz.
Which accessories for your long, straight hair? To give your style a bit of spice or simply add an original touch, why not accessorize! For that seventies look, go for a headband. Braided, floral or beaded, the headband can be worn smart or casual. Wear horizontally across your forehead for a hippie look or slide into your hair for a smarter style.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO