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Root re-growth: tying up your hair
Root re-growth: tying up your hair
Root re-growth: tying up your hair

Root re-growth: tying up your hair

Regularly lightening your locks often involves unsightly root re-growth at some point. However, don’t panic if your salon appointment isn’t booked for a couple of weeks yet. There are several ways to cleverly hide and conceal your roots. Discover our pro’s advice.
Don’t get too hung up on your roots, they’re beautiful! "Lightening you hair always brings with it regrowth of your natural hair colour, so why not embrace this contrast rather than complain? Does your stripe at the roots truly bother you? The worst thing you can do is tie up your hair, which will only bring more attention to the problem".
Want to avoid root re-growth all together? You can prevent contrasting roots by modifying the type of dye used on your hair. ‘The model’s hair pictured above appears to have undergone a harsh lightening treatment. At Jean Louis David, stylists will advise clients to opt for a more natural lightening that is gradual and gentle on hair, so that root re-growth is much less noticeable. Of course, there will be some root re-growth which is inevitable, however the result will be less stark. Light and dark strands will blend together for a subtle finish. At Jean Louis David Salons, Contrast highlights are the best option for women who want lighter hair without dark roots’.
Make sure you look after your hair. ‘Avoid you hair turning a Scandinavian blonde shade. Ask for a lightening cream at your nearest Jean Louis David salon which will fade contrasting roots and any dark re-growth around the face. This will only take a short 5 minutes and will tone down any dark areas’.
Our advice: In summer, try wearing a headscarf to hide your roots! This accessory is bang on-trend this season and will protect hair from the sun, whilst covering your natural re-growth before your salon appointment.
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