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 How to lighten your hair
How to lighten your hair
Hair colouring

How to lighten your hair

Unless you spend 6 months of the year in the sun, your hair won’t get lighter as if by magic. It needs a helping hand, preferably a chemical one. Without oxidation, you won’t get lighter hair. Here’s why.
There are only a certain number of ways you can lighten your hair. The best method is bleach. Some of you have tried more natural methods such as chamomile, or less restrictive ones such as lightening sprays, but these techniques aren’t always very effective... “People say that chamomile lightens the hair, but without oxidation I find this hard to believe. Maybe if hair is already light, but chamomile cannot do this on its own. Another product must be present to allow the cuticles to open up and then allow the hair to lighten.
Lightening sprays can be a good option, as long as you know how to use them. “This product works for some people but not for others. If it is not applied correctly, it can be a hair disaster! Firstly, because hair doesn’t lighten in the same way at the roots as it does at the ends, and secondly because your hair could end up taking on a brassy colour if the treatment doesn’t go well.”
There is only one long-lasting solution for lightening your hair: go to the hairdresser’s! And opt for an all-over or partial colour. “It’s up to you. Just remember that a standard colouring treatment requires more upkeep than a partial colour. It means that you have to go back to your hairdresser more often for touch-ups. But an all-over colour ages just as well as a partial colour, as long as it is well looked after.” At Jean Louis David, partial colour refers to highlights known as Contrast. With this technique, only certain sections of the hair are lightened, resulting in lovely radiant streaks.
Our tip: When we say lightening, we’re not just talking about blonde! If you have brown hair, you can go light brown. This is still lightening your hair. A great way of adding radiance to a uniform style.
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