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Looking after your dip-dye
Looking after your dip-dye
Looking after your dip-dye

Looking after your dip-dye

The dip-dye is omnipresent this autumn-winter. Proof that some trends manage to last the seasons! Whether you have a colourful dip-dye or have gone for the ombré effect, these trends need to be looked after in the same way, for a healthy hair colour and healthy hair.
Coloured hair needs to be regularly nourished. “Even though the dip-dye only involves colouring the mid-lengths and ends, hair still needs to be looked after. Your colour and your cut need to be perfectly maintained for a perfect finish.”
Luckily the dip-dye is less hassle than an all-over colour. “The upkeep involved with a dip-dye is fairly straightforward, as there’s no need to head to the salon every month. The roots don’t need to be tended to regularly as only the mid-lengths and ends are coloured. With this kind of treatment, you should make sure the colour doesn’t lose its radiance. There’s nothing worse than a dull dip-dye.”
Keep your dip-dye looking radiant by using products designed for coloured hair. “Use shampoo for coloured hair along with hydrating products. Apply a hydrating mask regularly after washing your hair. This is the perfect solution for ultra-healthy mid-lengths and ends. Now and again, give your ends a little TLC by applying an oil.
Our tip: for a dip-dye that suits you down to the ground, head to the salon. Your stylist will offer you tones that match your natural colour.
© Pixelformula/Isabel Marant prêt-à-porter show, Spring-Summer 2012 © Jean Louis David
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