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Learn how to do a ponytail with volume, step by step
Learn how to do a ponytail with volume, step by step
Learn how to do a ponytail with volume, step by step

How do you do a bouffant ponytail?


Have you had enough of your limp and lifeless ponytail? How about boosting its volume with a nice bouffant at the front? We show you how to get this look...

Want to give your ponytail a boost? Opt for this hairstyle which consists of adding volume to your ponytail. Wash your hair the day before, so that the volume created in your locks does not drop and fall flat. Failing that, dry your hair upside-down to lift your hair at the roots.

Step no. 1: prepare your locks

Start by carefully detangling your locks so that you can add texture from the roots down to the tips without knots forming. Then, get your hands on the following two products: styling powder, such as Jean Louis David's Texture Powder and fixing texturizing spray such as Jean Louis David's Design Spray. First, sprinkle on volumizing powder at your roots to lift them and to give extra volume to your hairstyle. Then spritz Design Spray on the rest of your locks to add extra body.

Step no. 2: create the bouffant

Select a large section of hair from the centre, where your middle parting lies, and backcomb it. Comb the roots of each upper section of hair in the opposite direction to which the hair grows to add thickness to your locks on top. Then gather the backcombed section towards the back, smoothly combing it to tame your locks without flattening the volume.

Good to know: if your hair is ultra-fine or if you want maximum volume, place a foam comb, specifically designed for creating a bouffant effect, underneath the upper sections of hair.

Step no. 3: hold your up-do in place

Finally, tie up your hair into a high ponytail for a chic style, a low ponytail for a more casual look or a mid-height ponytail for a sophisticated understated feel. Simply hold the hairstyle in place using a hairband, making sure that you don't overly tighten the strands as this can ruin the nice volume you have created. Spritz on hairspray and there you have it: a perfect bouffant ponytail!

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