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Texture Powder
Texture Powder
Texture Powder

Texture Powder: who is it for and why use it?


Discover Texture Powder: one of the flagship products from the Jean Louis David Urban Style range. Everything you should know for optimum usage.

Is Texture powder for you?

If your hair is fine, flat or doesn't hold well, you'll definitely love Texture Powder. Once applied, this texturizing product will maximise your hair's depth immediately. Furthermore, Texture Powder is also best if you wish to try out new hairstyles. In this particular case, it allows you to structure your hair, giving it flawless hold. Also, by using it, you can create different looks with your hair to give voluminous, scrunched or even messy-styled effects.

This powder's major asset? It suits all textures of hair (straight, wavy, curly, frizzy) and is effective, whether you have short, mid-length or long hair.

For which effects?

Texture Powder is perfect for adding definition to all of your desired hairstyles. It coats the hair fibre, making it much thicker. Once applied, gone are the days of worn out hair! With its high level of hold, it also fixes any movement you have created. Furthermore, it adds a matt appearance to your hair, so you can say goodbye to unsightly greasy hair for good.

How do I use it?

Just before styling, apply Texture Powder directly onto dry hair. Spread out the product evenly all over. Above all, apply it lightly to avoid a fixed or stiff effect. Once your powder has been applied correctly, work it in using your fingers to obtain the desired result.

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