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How can I enhance my ponytail?
How can I enhance my ponytail?
How can I enhance my ponytail?

How can I enhance my ponytail?


Whether your ponytail is high, low or classic... Check out all of the tricks available to you to give your ponytail maximum character. For a hairstyle which is both stylish and personalised!

Give an effect to your ponytail

You have the choice of several techniques. First option: create a wavy effect. To do this, use a curling iron. Create waves strand by strand with your hair down, then form your ponytail. Next, brush your hair, before fixing it all with hairspray. Feel free to change the texture, from straight to curly and vice versa.

Another option: scrunch your locks. You will give your hair a deliberately effortless rock look - an effect which has been in vogue for several seasons. Finally, last option: add volume on top of your head, either by creating a quiff or by loosening your tied-up style at the roots. By doing this, you will give yourself a rock & roll or a retro look.

Combine your ponytail with another tied up style

For example, put in as many braids as you wish on the sides, at the front or the back of your head. Adapt their thickness according to your desired look. Stop braiding at the point where you tie up your hair. Gather them together and form your ponytail. If you wish to vary your hairstyles, you can do exactly the same thing by twisting your locks.

Focus on details

Several choices are available to you: cover your hair tie with a thick or thin strand of hair. Tie up your hair with an on trend hair slide. Put in several hair ties along the length of your hair to create an original hairstyle. Place your favourite headband at the front of your head to flatten down your roots. To finish, you can also combine your ponytail with a fringe or a side sweep.

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