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How to give your hair texture
How to give your hair texture

How to give your hair texture

It can sometimes be difficult to give your hair shape and thickness. Especially if your hair is fine or not squeaky clean. Luckily a number of solutions exist to help you bring your hair back to life.
"A good haircut will boost your hair's volume. Short and bob cuts are particularly great for fine hair lacking texture or volume." Layers are also a good way of giving your hair bounce and movement.
To know how much volume and what sort of haircut to go for, it's best to have your hair cut while it's dry. "If you have your hair cut when it's wet you won't be able to tell how much volume you've gained or lost." As well as a good haircut, fine hair also needs more texture, and there is a whole range of texturising products to choose from. These products give your hair thickness and alter its thickness. Fine, and therefore slippery hair will stay in place more easily thanks to certain products, making it easier to style."
If you're not happy about using hair products, backcomb your hair for maximum volume. "Using a fine-toothed comb, style each section from the ends to the roots. Careful not to go overboard, otherwise you'll kill the texture and leave your hair squashed at the roots. Use backcombing to make styling easier and give your hair thickness."
Our tip: For a long-lasting effect, apply hairspray across your hair to help it stay in place. Spray on the roots so that hair is easier to work with.
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