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Hair colouring

How can you get sun-kissed locks all year round?

Are you missing the pretty golden highlights that the sun left in your hair during the summer holidays? Make them last by lightening your hair to get a sun-kissed look to die for, even when it’s not summer!

Contrast or Sunlight: two exclusive in-salon techniques

To get the sun-kissed highlights you love so much, Jean Louis David has developed two partial colouring techniques – one only for light bases and the other for dark hair. They put subtle highlights in your hair, lightening several sections by one to four tones to create light-catching highlights that blend perfectly into your locks.

Are you blonde? Then ask your colourist for a Contrast treatment to boost your blond colour with golden highlights. If you are a brunette, however, opt for a Sunlight treatment instead whose brown, auburn or mahogany highlights are just as radiant, but are closer to your base colour for a natural result and healthy locks!

Natural highlights for adding a sun-kissed look to your locks without a colouring treatment

That’s right, it is possible! To lighten your hair without going for highlights, trust in natural ingredients with lightening powers, which you can dilute in water or mix into a haircare product. Choose your active ingredient depending on your original base colour: camomile shampoo to light up blond hair, a lemon juice rinse or honey mask to enhance light brown locks or cinnamon conditioner for brunettes. Leave the treatment to soak in, rinse… And behold, beautiful lightened locks!

Lastly, don’t forget to put some regular maintenance effort in to prevent your hair colour from turning red.

This article inspired you?

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