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How can I lighten my hair in winter without the aid of the sun?
How can I lighten my hair in winter without the aid of the sun?
Hair colouring

How can I lighten my hair in winter without the aid of the sun?

Hair tends to become dull during winter, and loses that natural radiance that is enhanced by the sun’s rays. Luckily, there are a few other tips and tricks to keeping your color looking as glossy as it did last summer! The pros reveal the best ways to boost your hair color during the colder months.
At Jean Louis David, you can opt for Contrast Highlights. ‘Discuss the areas you want lightening with your stylist, and they will be able to use the correct amount of color pigmentation to create a bespoke color treatment. If your color is naturally very dark, adding a few lighter sections will lift your style. Dark brown or even auburn tones can be created, depending on your individual tastes. In salon, your stylist can actually replicate the results of spending three weeks on vacation, leaving your locks looking more radiant than ever’.
Dot Light might be better suited to your tastes. ‘This coloring technique doesn’t create the natural lightening effect of the sun, however it lightens in slightly different areas. This effect combines more than one shade to create a more natural looking color than Contrast Highlights. The color will be slightly darker around the face, whilst the rest of your hair is lightened, with a few blonder strands to frame the face’.
Not sure which treatment is best for you? ‘If you want to re-create vacation hair, opt for Contrast Highlights. For a more natural, all-over lightening, Dot Light is your ideal option’.
Our advice: These color treatments are ideal for every woman, as they require minimal upkeep. Appointments should be made every three months, which is much less frequent than opting for an all-over color. Regular color treatments require more regular touch-ups due to root re-growth.
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