Summer hair! Gently burnished by the sun and salt, naturally golden, our hair is never as beautiful and sexy as it is in summer! To maintain this Sea & Sun look into the fall, and indeed all year long, Jean Louis David created an exclusive technique: Sunlight! Using contrasts and mixing dark roots with lighter points, Sunlight provides an extremely subtle lightening effect to make your summer hair last! Custom made, this product is suitable for all hair colors. It can be cold with beige and ashy hair or warmer with copper, red, hazel, or chocolate looks. Treat yourself to California blond, spicy brown, or super hot beachy surfer babe hair!

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How can you get sun-kissed locks all year round?
Hair colouring How can you get sun-kissed locks all year round?
Are you missing the pretty golden highlights that the sun left in your hair during the summer holidays? Make them last by lightening your hair to get a sun-kissed look to die for, even when…