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Colour trend: beige blonde
Colour trend: beige blonde
Colour trend: beige blonde
Hair colouring

Colour trend: beige blonde

Go beige blonde for a chic seventies look. A little less sunny, less golden, less yellow; a blonde that is perfect for the autumn season! Get it done at your hair salon to avoid any mishaps.
Forget platinum and ice blonde for a moment. Go for beige blonde if you’re after a more natural colour. This shade requires less bleaching than others. “As beige blonde is darker than more yellow or white blondes, hair doesn’t need to be lightened as much, which means less stress on your hair.”
The advantage of getting your colour done at the salon is that you can obtain a tailor-made result. “It is possible to go beige blonde and have highlights. A fully uniform colour can look dull. If you decide to colour your hair at home you run the risk of creating yellow tinges, which isn’t a great look. Your stylist can add golden, sand or ash shades to your beige-blonde base, which results in a unique, custom colour for each individual’s taste.”
This colour looks best on mid-length or long hair. “The colour is very classy without being conventional.” Picture a hippie chic look with knee-high heeled boots and flares. Hair should be left down and straight. Feel free to accessorise your look, for example with a wide-brimmed winter hat for a totally seventies look.
Our tip: Look after your blonde with products for coloured hair. These specially-designed products will leave your blonde looking bright and full of life.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO