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Chignons for Autumn-Winter
Chignons for Autumn-Winter
Chignons for Autumn-Winter

Chignons for Autumn-Winter

The chignon is often the number one choice for fashion conscious women. And this is not about to change in Autumn-Winter 2013-2014. This season, the chignon is back in new forms. Here's a look at the ones to wear over the next few months.
The full-bodied chignon. Inspired by 60s hairstyles, this maximum volume chignon will give your hairstyles a feminine, retro-chic feel. The key to the full-bodied chignon is skilful backcombing. Apply a squirt of styling mousse to wet hair then blow dry. Next, backcomb your hair to add volume at the top. Tie your hair into a chignon at the back of the neck or in the middle, whichever you prefer.
The wet-look chignon. The wet-look effect can be worn on all types of styles. No longer just for down-dos, the effect has also been adapted for this season's chignons. To create the effect yourself, apply a helping of gel to your hair and spread out evenly. Now create a 50s-style bouffant chignon.
The topknot. This ever present hairstyle, which involves a chignon worn high on the head, is a huge hit among women with long hair. Trendy and ultra-feminine, it lengthens the figure and shows off the back of the neck. To create it, backcomb your hair and tie into a high ponytail. For maximum volume, use a bun ring. Roll your hair around it to conceal it. Secure in place with hair pins and finish with a layer of hairspray.
© Pixelformula/Ivana Helsinki prêt-à-porter show, Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 © Jean Louis David
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