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How to use hair gel
How to use hair gel

How to use hair gel

Hair gel is a styling product designed to create movement and hold hair in place. It can also be used to slick hair back or tame flyaway pieces. And seeing as it’s not just for men, we tell you ladies how to use it.
Styling gels are great way of adding texture, body and shine and can be found in different strengths. This means you can choose between one with a stronger hold and one that’s more flexible. “For example, for a simple roughed-up effect, a medium-hold gel will do. For slick, structured styles, you’ll need a strong hold. You could maybe even add hairspray for extra hold.”
First things first though, gel is used mainly on short hair. “Gel is not designed for long hair. Unless you use a huge amount, I don’t see how it can be used to provide long-lasting hold on mid-lengths and ends. There are other products that are a lot more suitable, such as hairsprays for styling and fixing in place.”
To create a wet-look effect, use a medium-hold gel to avoid hair going stiff. “Place a small amount of gel between your hands then work through your hair until you achieve the result you’re after. This works best when hair is damp.” To accentuate the shiny effect of your wet look, why not mix your gel with a little bit of hair serum.
For ultra-slick styles, use a strong-hold gel to pull your hair back and fix with hairspray to make sure your style lasts all day. “Apply the gel section by section for a superbly structured style.”
Our tip: Distribute the gel evenly throughout your hair to stop it turning stiff. This effect is not natural and certainly not attractive! Then apply the gel using your fingers for as much precision as possible.
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