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3 steps to a radiant-looking color this autumn
3 steps to a radiant-looking color this autumn
3 steps to a radiant-looking color this autumn
Hair colouring

3 steps to a radiant-looking color this autumn

Whether you prefer deep burgundies or rich coppery hues, vibrant shades of red are this season’s must-have color. Here are our 3 simple steps for the perfect on-trend color this autumn…without the mistakes.
Choosing your color. Just because the sun gives redheads beautiful highlights during the vacation season, doesn’t mean the winter months have to be a drab when it comes to hair color. Autumn especially is the perfect season to embrace coppery tones which mirror the change in the leaves outside. However, you should think about your desired level of intensity for your new shade. Strawberry blonde, copper, vibrant red, auburn, mahogany, orange or even pillar-box red…the possibilities are endless. First, you need to decide which shade is best suited to your skin tone. Do you first need to strip your hair of existing color, or go straight ahead with the dye? Are you 100% confident when it comes to coloring your hair DIY-style? You should be asking yourself all of these essential questions before going ahead with your transformation. Our top piece of advice? Seek the advice of a professional.
Leave it to the pros. Coloring your locks, or removing existing color build-up, is a chemical process which can weaken and damage the hair’s fibres. Hair salons always have at least one color specialist on hand who knows the ins and outs of the hair coloring process. What’s more, these specialists can create a bespoke hair color depending on your hair type, styling habits and skin tone. They will be able to advise you on which tones will suit you and which won’t before you make your final decision, using the highest quality products for optimum results.
Maintaining your new shade. Voila! We hope you love your new shade! Now, it’s all about maintenance. Your color is probably vibrant and glossy at this stage, however if you fail to nourish and care for it properly, color-fade is inevitable. Fight back and maintain your red color by going for regular root touch-ups in the salon. You should also be using specifically designed products for colored hair, such as the Colour Therapy Range which nourishes and repairs locks. Hair appears shinier and glossy whilst its key ingredients prolong your shade's staying-power considerably. Keep your fiery locks looking red-hot, no matter what.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO