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Which hairstyles will make me look taller?
Which hairstyles will make me look taller?
Which hairstyles will make me look taller?

Which hairstyles will make me look taller?

From skyscraper heels to short dresses, the fashion world has plenty of tricks up its sleeve to make us appear taller. The best bit? There are even hair trends that can give us a height boost of a few centimetres. The pros reveal their top hair tips for looking taller.
It’s actually easier to appear taller if your hair is short. ‘However, that doesn’t mean that women with long hair cannot create the illusion of having grown a couple of centimetres over night. If you have long hair, create a high ponytail on the top of your head and form a large chignon, whilst slicking back the sides. The contrast between your voluminous top-knot and sleek sides will make you appear taller instantly’.
It’s much simpler for women with short hair to create a few extra centimetres of height.  ‘You don’t need to go crazy with punky mohawks so don’t panic! Try a short hairstyle with volume in the top sections. Ideally, the sides of your hair should appear flatter than the crown area. Similar to the style for longer hair, it’s the contrast between the volume on top and smoother side sections that creates the illusion of being taller than you actually are.
Changing your hairstyle can help you gain a few inches, but changing your hair colour can also work wonders. ‘Using a lighter colour on certain sections of the hair gives it depth, body and therefore, height. Ask your stylist to advise you on which lowlights would suit you best. Hair colour creates a more noticeable difference in height than a different hairstyle on its own and is much easier to maintain on a day-to-day basis’.
Don’t think, however, that wearing your hair loose is going to make you appear smaller! ‘Simply avoid hairstyles that are long and poker-straight. If your hair is soft and bouncy, you wont have this problem’.
Our tip: Pair your knowledge of fashion with these hair tips to help you look taller. So, instead of people staring at your killer heels, their attention will be brought up to eye-level thanks to your beautiful hairstyle.

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