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The XXL twisted chignon
The XXL twisted chignon
The XXL twisted chignon

The XXL twisted chignon

There’s a huge long list of chignons to choose from. Bun chignon, ballerina bun, cinnamon bun, it all depends on what style you want to go for. There’s just one absolute must for maximum seduction - you’ll need fairly long hair to give the style the power it needs! Here’s a close look at the twisted high chignon.
The chignon: an easy, trendy style. Romantic, rock, chic, classic... Chignons can be adapted to suit any look and add originality to hairstyles without involving too much skill or know-how. Remember that the base of any chignon is a ponytail. And this should cause no problems as it was no doubt the first hairstyle you learnt how to do. High or low, at the back or to the side, XXL or minimalist, the chignon can be anything you want it to be. At Tribune Standard, the chignon is high and twisted for a chic and simple Japanese vibe.
How to create the twisted XXL chignon. Hair is perfectly straightened and backcombed at the mid-lengths and ends to add body. It is then pulled back using a flat brush and tied into a high ponytail. Hair should be slick and smooth on the top of the head. Once your ponytail is tied up with a bungee band for a perfect hold, now move on to creating your chignon. Apply a shaping wax gel to your ponytail to hold it in place, then hold it up in the air before twisting the lengths. Fix your chignon in place with bun pins, which you can hide in the base of your ponytail. The perfect hairstyle for those times when you don’t know what to do with your hair after two or three days!
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