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How to use bungee bands
How to use bungee bands
How to use bungee bands
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How to use bungee bands

Professional hair stylists are huge fans of the bungee band. But for many of you, using them is rare and employing them correctly remains a mystery. But this tool is one of the most effective accessories when it comes to tying up your hair. Let us tell you all there is to know about this small but essential hair accessory!
The hair bungee looks like a normal hair band, except that the two ends don’t meet and are instead fitted with little hooks. “Very simple to use, it is primarily used for ponytails. You can still cover it up afterwards with another accessory or by wrapping your hair around it into a chignon bun, for example.”
The bungee band can also be used to hold other up-dos firmly in place. “With a standard hair band you wrap it round two or three times, and it doesn’t always hold very well, meaning that sometimes you’re re-tying your hair ten times a day. But with the bungee band, once it’s in place you don’t need to worry!”
The bungee band should be used on dry hair, as on wet hair it may leave marks. But in either case it does not damage the hair. “To put it in place correctly, take the hair you want to tie up, insert one hook into the base of your ponytail then wrap it round, holding the ponytail in place with your thumb. Once the band is nice and tight, insert the second hook into the base of the ponytail.” Make sure the hooks are hidden under the ponytail. Or use another accessory to cover them up.
Our tip: Anyone can use bungee bands, except maybe people with really fine hair. And no one should miss out as they’re available in many different colours. Blonde, brown, black... You’ll have no problem finding one to match your hair colour.
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