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The side ponytail
The side ponytail
The side ponytail

The side ponytail

The ponytail is a timeless hairstyle trend that we all learn to create at an early age. But this doesn’t mean we should see it as just a fallback hairstyle. The ponytail is a hairstyle in its own right and can be reworked into number of different versions. Here’s a closer look at the side ponytail.
Who for? The ponytail is a great way of keeping your hair out of your face to reveal your best features. The way you wear it will set the tone for the rest of your style. While the high ponytail tends to be strict and lower ones more casual, the side ponytail reveals your shoulders and neck, making it more romantic and sensual than other versions. The side ponytail is perfect for a dinner date or for pulling off that sweet and innocent look.
How to create it. For the perfect result, split ends are strictly prohibited! As your lengths are resting on your shoulder, the ends need to be perfectly maintained. There is one simple solution: keep your hair hydrated. Now it’s time to create your side ponytail. Brush or smooth out your hair. Create a neat side parting, then pull all your hair to one side using a brush. Keep the hair at the level of your neck for a low ponytail. Secure using a thin hair band.
Variations. For a more original side ponytail, here are a few variations! Take a piece of hair from your ponytail. Wrap it around the hair band to cover it up. You could also try going for a slight retro effect by lightly backcombing the top of your hair on the thickest side (hold in place using hairspray). Finally, to emphasise the romantic side of your hairstyle, allow a thin piece of hair to frame your face.
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