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The chignon bun
The chignon bun

The chignon bun

Spotted last year on all the biggest fashionistas, the chignon bun is still going strong this season. Both casual and chic at the same time, this is the perfect solution for anyone looking for original hairstyles that are quick and easy to create.

Why wear it? The chignon bun is a great way of getting your hair out of your face whilst at the same time giving it definition. This big-volume chignon is a more bohemian version of the black-tie chignon, also XXL, but a lot stricter. Celebs after simplicity are well informed of this, and have been seen sporting it on the high streets as well as the red carpets.

How do I create a chignon bun? There are several different ways, but whichever style you choose, you will need long hair for best results. Start by brushing your hair, lightly backcombing it at the roots to add a bit of extra body, then tie it up into a high ponytail. This is where the method varies depending on the version you choose. The first variation involves twisting your hair and rolling it round to create the chignon. Secure with a hair band. This is the fastest one by far! For a more original style, backcomb the bottom of your ponytail and separate it into two sections. Twist the two sections around each other, then around the base of the ponytail. You could also try adding extra volume using an old sock! Cut off the end to make it into a tube and pull your ponytail through it. Backcomb the base then roll the lengths around the sock to hide it. Secure it, then apply a layer of hairspray to hold the style in place. To emphasise the slightly messy effect of this chignon, try pulling out a few pieces (around the face) for a natural result.

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