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The pros discuss the one-length bob
The pros discuss the one-length bob
The pros discuss the one-length bob

The pros discuss the one-length bob

The bob is always a popular hairstyle choice, whatever the season. There are several variations on this classic, however for Autumn-Winter 2014, it’s the one-length, shoulder-skimming cut that you should be creating. The pros discuss this season’s hottest look.
Here, all of the hair is the same length, except the very front strands. ‘The front few strands are slightly shorter in order to frame the wearer’s face and open up her features. The advantage of having all of your hair one length is that it instantly creates the illusion of volume, allowing you to sweep the front sections backwards whilst maintaining fullness’.
This type of bob is often recommended by stylists in the salon. ‘Only chin and ear-length styles enable the wearer to have one-length hair. The bob style pictured is slightly longer than this, meaning the model could lose a few inches from the bottom and add some face-framing layers to smarten up her look’.
The bob is a classic hairstyle. ‘It has a timeless quality that never dates. The only thing to keep in mind is that your hair should take on the shape naturally for optimum results. If your hair is not naturally straight or takes hours of taming each morning to create this shape, the bob is not for you. Similarly, if your hair tends to curl upwards at the ends, the end result loses its boxy shape.
This cut can also help to remove any bulkiness from thick hair types. ‘This is just one of the advantages of the one-length bob. The style and cut minimises volume, meaning you can avoid dense texture. Fine hair types, however, can achieve the opposite effect and really boost volume thanks to the cut and shaping’.
Our advice: This look is all about maintaining the right balance of volume and length. Do what works for you-there are no rules when it comes to which length is best. Simply decide what style and shape you want before going to your salon; your stylist will then be able to advise whether you need layers or not. Always seek professional advice before going for the chop!
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