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Curly hair: choosing the right cut
Curly hair: choosing the right cut

Curly hair: choosing the right cut

For a long time it was all about super-straight hair. You spent hours on end straightening your hair to hide its natural curls. But curly hair once again has the appreciation it deserves. To make the most of yours, choose the right haircut and take good care of it!
When it comes to the cut, the first thing your hairdresser needs to be aware of is the curl’s natural behaviour. “It’s important for us to know how the hair usually sits, how it grows at the roots and what type of curls we’re dealing with – loose or tight.” This quick survey will tell the hairdresser how much the hair will lift once it has been cut. “Sometimes we’ll cut 1cm off and then once the hair is dry it lifts 3 or 4cm. This is the case particularly for frizzy hair. The difference is less noticeable on curly hair.”
The shape of the cut depends on all of these elements. But despite what many people think, there aren’t really any set rules. There’s nothing to stop you going short if it’s what you want. “Some people will feel comfortable with a bowl cut, while others won’t. But it is an option for everyone! You just need to bear in mind that the more layered the cut, the more volume there will be on top.” For long cuts however, it’s best not to go overboard with layers, as this can result in a rather un-sexy and outdated Louis XIV-style effect!
Women with curly hair often ask themselves: fringe or no fringe? “Once again, there are no set rules, but first you need to think about how you plan on styling your fringe so that it can be adapted accordingly. If you plan on straightening it, you can try almost anything. But if you want to leave it natural, it needs to be cut accordingly, i.e. less.”
Finally, it’s important to soften the outline of your face. Full, curly hair with lots of volume can sometimes end up hiding your face. Gentle layers therefore need to be cut in regularly so that people can see you through your hair! “This goes particularly for people with really thick or really frizzy hair.”
Our tip: Curly hair is often thicker and drier than straight hair. It therefore requires specific treatments to get it looking soft and shiny. Use lots of products formulated for dry hair, especially shampoos and hydrating masks. Masks should be left on for 10 minutes after each time you wash your hair, as the effects only last one wash.
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