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Hair colouring

Should you go for flaming red hair?

On the catwalk, the red carpet and in the street, deep red hair is everywhere. More and more women are going for this colour. Read on to find out how to adopt this shade whilst still looking sophisticated and glamorous.

Red hair turns heads, and there is often a great temptation to opt for a flamboyant, almost scarlet shade. However, before you try out this colour, you should know that these warm tones and vibrant highlights will only keep looking good if they are done by a professional. So, will you dare to try out this colour which is so full of character?

Flaming red, who is it for?

For those who wish to stand out with an ultra-glamorous look. Technically, this hair colouring is easier to do on blond hair (dark to very light), which will not need bleaching as its base colour is naturally yellowy orange. Brunettes should however bleach their hair to get this deep red colour. Another factor to take into account is your complexion. Deep red goes perfectly with porcelain skin and is much less suited to dark complexions. However, the colourist can adapt the shade to suit your complexion by adding in more copper highlights.

How do I deal with the ‘obvious roots’ effect?

In general, if you do not wish to go for an extreme red colour, the colourist will alter it when putting the colour in, to blend the red lengths in with your ash brown roots or by backcombing to keep a slightly darker base. As a result, regrowth is less visible, allowing you to leave longer gaps in between salon treatments.

How long does the colour last for?

It all depends on your natural colour. If you have grey hair, the colour will require touch-ups after two or three weeks. The copper pigments do tend to turn yellow, making your red hair colour less vibrant. To prevent your hair colour from changing, switch your standard shampoo with a sulphate-free version. Finish it off with pigmented treatments and colour fixers to keep your highlights looking vibrant for longer . Top tip: forget styling products containing alcohol, which open the hair fibre’s cuticles and strip them of pigments!

Should you colour your eyebrows red?

Brunettes can keep their eyebrows in their natural contrasting colour, or lighten them by half a shade to soften their appearance. As for blonds, their eyebrows tend to be naturally ash blonde coloured which already goes really well with deep red hair.

How do I adapt my make-up?

By avoiding red! Boost your complexion with peach or coral blusher . For eyeshadow, try khaki, bronze and copper tones for a guaranteed intense look! If your eyelashes are naturally fair, mascara is essential to set off your hair colour. As for lipstick, opt for matt shades such as apricot, fuchsia and even burgundy.

Finally, to set off your flaming red colour, opt for dark accessories, such as a black velvet headband.

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