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Make-up for red hair
Make-up for red hair
Make-up for red hair

Make-up for red hair

Red hair often gets mixed reviews. Some people think it’s hilarious to make jokes about while others are deeply fascinated by this flamboyant colour. To make the most of this fabulous hair and silence those critics, get your make-up at the ready!

Complexion. Redheads often have fair skin, but no one’s skin is perfect. To hide any red patches or imperfections, opt for a light coverage foundation that closely matches your porcelain complexion. Test it out in the shop to make sure it’s the right colour for you. It should be ever so slightly lighter than your natural skin colour. “To enhance your complexion, sweep blusher across your cheeks. Choose natural shades such as peach, apricot or coral.”

Eyes. Green is a popular eyeshadow choice for redheads. Especially deep, stylish shades of khaki or olive green. “But it would be a shame to settle on these colours only. Bronze, copper and rust-coloured eyeshadows also look great with red hair.” As do classic shades such as taupe or grey! Mascara is a make-up essential for redheads in order to bring out those generally fair eyelashes. “Choose brown mascara rather than black.”

Lips. Red lipstick is the lipstick of choice for that femme fatale effect, but it’s not recommended for redheads. Instead, keep things simple when it comes to the rest of your face and opt for a maroon lipstick. “If you’d rather bring out your eyes, choose a subtle colour for your lips, such as a peach or apricot lipstick or gloss.”

Our tip: For immaculate, professional-looking make-up, don’t forget your eyebrows! Take a pencil the same colour as your brows and use it to fill them in carefully to make them look thicker and more structured.

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