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Curly hair

How can you give curly hair XXL volume?

Are your curls flat whereas you dream of having maximum volume? Here are three clever ways to pump your curls’ volume up.

Go for a volumizing haircut

Does your curly hair tend to be flat on top due to the weight of the curls spread out over your locks? Opt for a layered cut which will reduce the volume at the bottom making your curls lift! This is what we call the spring effect. Whether you wish to have long or short locks and whether your curls are loose or tight, layers are a foolproof option. Just be aware that the more the layers are distinct, the more your hair will gain in volume. Then hairstyles full of depth can be yours!

Use a styling mousse

This is THE must-have styling product to add shape to your curls. Preferably apply it to damp hair to prevent a stiff cardboard effect. Work the mousse in with a comb after applying a small amount to the roots to add volume. Then, with your hand, spread out a small amount of mousse from the mid-lengths down to the tips (without scrunching your locks) to revive your curls.

Dry your curls with a diffuser

To maximise your curls’ volume, use the diffuser attachment on your hair dryer ! With its spikes which lift your hair at the roots and separate your strands without breaking the curls, it dries your hair without relaxing the curls’ bounce. Dry your locks upside-down by placing them onto the attachment and making an up and down movement like a spring. This is a surefire way to get an XXL blow-dry!

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This article inspired you?

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