Curly or frizzy hair: what are the differences?

We tend to confuse curly and frizzy hair and yet these two hair types have very different characteristics. This will help you distinguish between the two, so you can become an expert in hair-related terms.

Curly hair:

Curly hair can be distinguished by the shape of its curls. Loose and supple, the curls form nice spirals which frame the face and tumble down the nape of the neck. When wet, they straighten out and only reappear after drying. As this hair type has a tendency to be drier than others, it is advised to pamper your locks with nourishing treatments and curl-defining products. Applied to damp hair, Jean Louis David’s Curl & Definition Leave-In Treatment will add extra bounce to your curls.

Frizzy hair:

Frizzy, or coiled, hair wraps around itself forming tight corkscrew curls. Although the extremely tight curls add thickness and volume to the hair, they are also understandably extremely difficult to tame. Made up of multiple spirals, this hair type makes it hard for sebum to spread evenly. The consequences are that the hair becomes extremely dry and tangles easily. A hydration boost is therefore essential for enhancing this hair type and for taming frizz, which typically appears when drying. The secret regime for keeping frizzy, coiled hair in tip-top condition? Treatments enriched with keratin and regular oil soaks.

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