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Texture Powder
Texture Powder

Structure your curls with Curl & Definition Leave-InTreatment

Whether your hair is wavy, curly or frizzy... This treatment is your best ally for beautiful structured curls. We have looked at this treatment in detail for you.

Why use this treatment?

• It structures your hair. When you spray it onto your locks, your hair's tone will immediately be restored. Your curls form naturally, keeping a beautifully rounded shape. From then on, they will remain dynamic, defined and bouncy for hours.

• It deeply hydrates. Your wavy, curly or frizzy hair tends to be naturally dry. Essentially made up of water, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins, this treatment is best for hydrating your locks on a daily basis. By using it over several days, you will keep your hair looking shiny, supple and luminous.

• It facilitates styling. Once it is sprayed on your hair, it softens it and makes detangling much quicker. Furthermore, it eliminates small amounts of frizz, for perfectly disciplined hair. Therefore, feel free to put it in your bag so you can pull it out at any point during the day. It will allow you to keep your hair looking at its best in all situations!

How do I use it?

Ideally, apply your treatment after shampooing, on damp and wrung out hair. Ensure you spread it out evenly all over. To achieve this, you can use a large toothed comb to help you. Then leave your hair to air dry and you have finished!

However, if you wish to obtain flawless hold, also apply a small amount of Perfect Curl before your hair dries. In fact, Curl & Definition treatment doesn't have a high level of hold. Finally, to maximise its effectiveness, complete your hair regime with Curls & Hydration shampoo. You will therefore have curly and shiny hair which is full of health for weeks.


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