How can I get back my natural Afro hair after straightening?

Maybe you’ve decided to stop chemically straightening your frizzy locks to fully embrace your curls? Here are three steps to follow to get back your natural Afro hair.

1. Go for the big chop or get your hair cut in stages

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for getting back your curls after chemical straightening as the latter, which uses thioglycolic acid, is irreversible. To get back your natural hair, you need to leave your locks to grow out.

You have two options. The first: going for a short haircut or an almost shaved head (the big chop) for an instant and radical transformation. The second: get your tips cut regularly, then get your hair cut to rock a short or long bob for a gradual transition.

2. Use targeted regenerating treatments

Straightened hair is prone to damage, as the straightening process interferes with the hair’s structure in order to change it. To get beautifully sculpted curls, strengthen your locks while they are growing out with treatments rich in keratin, like those used as part of Jean Louis David’s Keratin Therapy range. They will also take care of the damaged straightened parts that you haven’t yet had cut.

3. Play with different hairstyles to get through the in-between stage

To compensate for your locks having two different textures, you cannot beat smart hairstyles such as braids or chignons, which you can create at home. Alternatively, ask for the Speed Up-Do service in your Jean Louis David salon. These up-dos are perfect for blurring the lines between straight and curly locks! Have you gone for a crop? Then go for accessories to soften your new short haircut and to help you bide the time until you get your naturally curly Afro hair back.

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