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Taming afro hair
Taming afro hair
Hair care

Taming afro hair

Obviously this will concern African ladies more than the Swedes! But that’s not to say that black women are the only ones that can have this hair type. Blondes and redheads can also have afro hair. Here’s how to give it the pampering it needs.
Afro hair is a hair type. Its characteristic? A special structure which requires special products as it tends to be very resistant! “Afro hair is, by nature, frizzy and curly. It curls up on itself and can, unfortunately, often be very dry. It therefore requires more attention and more nourishing than other hair types. That’s why it’s best to leave it natural to avoid causing it too much stress”.
As you will have guessed, it is best to avoid straightening treatments. With these types of curls, straightening is important. And if the procedure is carried out often it can cause the hair to snap or leave it feeling even dryer.
So look after your hair to get it looking shiny and healthy. Use treatments designed for afro hair to deeply nourish the hair’s fibre. “Oils and serums are also great for this hair type. They can be used regularly to leave your hair looking nice and shiny.” Just be careful when applying them. You need to find the right balance to avoid greasy hair. Well-nourished and hydrated hair is a lot easier to style.
When it comes to hairstyles, structured shapes look great with square or round cuts. “70s hairstyles are still very much on trend and are easy to create; more importantly, no prior treatment is required!”

Our tip: If you really want soft, straight hair, there is only one solution: a straightening treatment. This is the most effective way of relaxing hair. But avoid more than three straightening treatments per year so that your hair doesn’t suffer too much.

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