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Find the right bob to enhance your features
Find the right bob to enhance your features
Find the right bob to enhance your features

Which one is right for me, the short or long bob?


Do you want to give in to the bob trend? Here is some advice before you cut too much of your hair off: determine the ideal length to enhance your features and to match your personality. From shaping to styling advice, here is our guide to finding the perfect bob to suit you!

Which length should you go for with your face shape?

The iconic bob comes in a whole range of different styles, such as the bowl cut, the wavy bob and the asymmetrical bob. All of these styles come in different versions ranging from short to long. As a result, it is impossible not to find a bob to suit you, provided that beforehand you determine the length that will enhance your features. Whatever you do, don't get your hair cut overly short if you have a round face, as it risks giving you an unflattering helmet head effect. Instead ask your hairdresser for a long bob, which make your face look longer and slimmer by seemingly reducing the roundness of your cheeks. However, you can go for a short bob without hesitation to balance out slender features, as it creates volume at the sides. Do you have a square jaw and prominent, angular features? An A-line bob is the ideal option for you as it is short at the nape of the neck and long at the front. By playing with different lengths, it will enhance your features. Finally, good news for those with an oval face: you are the lucky ones as any style suits your face shape! Short or long, opt for whichever bob best suits your style, your desired look and the amount of time you can devote to styling.

Good to know: be careful if you have curly hair! Your curls will lift once dry, which will make your bob rise. For a short bob on curly hair , it is best to seek professional advice before taking the plunge.

Which bob best suits your style?

Having a bob that enhances your facial features is great. Having a bob that also matches your look and personality is even better. If your style is casual with a minimalist or understated look, you may not feel comfortable getting a highly structured short bob which has tons of character. Instead, keep a few softer longer locks and go for an easy-to-wear and maintain haircut. However, if you are daring and want to fully embrace your androgynous side, feel free to opt for the ultimate short bob this autumn, recognisable by its ear-length cut. A sexy rock chick look guaranteed!

Good to know: do you love the originality of the extremely short bob but find that it is not particularly flattering on you? Then opt for a long bob livened up with highlights or a dip-dye instead.

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