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Take a look at what the perfect short bob looks like this season
Take a look at what the perfect short bob looks like this season
Take a look at what the perfect short bob looks like this season

How should you rock the short bob this autumn?


Once again this season, the short bob is everywhere, from the catwalk to the high street. However, which exact haircut should you go for and how should you style it? We tell you everything you need to know for a highly on-trend bob this autumn.

Opt for a blunt cut

Say goodbye to layers and thinned-out locks which used to make your hair look deceptively longer. This autumn, the iconic bob haircut is going short and bold thanks to a clear-cut blunt outline. So now is the time to go for this pretty haircut with a slight retro vibe. With the short bob, the locks tend to be jaw-length. The more daring amongst us can also rock an ear-length blunt bob cut. Whether you prefer the short or extra-short version, one thing's for sure: your "short" locks must be all one length.

Dare to accessorise it with a fringe

Feel free to reinvent your short haircut by going for a fringe. Bangs will add even more structure and character to your bob! A must-have look this season, fringes are full, long and eyebrow-length to make your eyes pop at Fendi or are slightly thinned-out at the tips at Pucci, to tone down the whole look. Those wanting to put a punk twist on their bob can also try the asymmetrical fringe, an Autumn-Winter 2017/2018 trend at Jean Louis David.

Opt for conventional blow-dry or a floaty style

To shape your short hair you have two options. Opt for impeccably smooth sleek blow-dried locks or go for a subtle de-styled wavy effect.

For the first option, mark out a middle parting and then blow-dry your hair using a flat brush, smoothing your hair down strand by strand from the roots down to the tips. Do this by following the brush's movement with your hair dryer. Then leave the tips as they are, or curve them inwards for a more preppy look.

For the second option, go for a side or central parting depending on your desired look and create a subtle wavy effect using Jean Louis David's Beach Spray. Apply a few spritzes of salt water spray to add texture and then simply scrunch your locks with your fingers to create de-styled waves.

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