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A closer look at this spring's most on-trend bob.
A closer look at this spring's most on-trend bob.
A closer look at this spring's most on-trend bob.

The blunt bob: this spring's on-trend look


Say goodbye to your long flowing locks, the blunt bob is the new on-trend haircut to go for this spring. Read on to discover all the secrets of this short bob which is already all the rage on the red carpet.

A retro bob

Perhaps its name doesn't ring any bells with you, however you can bet your bottom dollar that you are familiar with the blunt bob style. Remember the bob haircut sported by Mathilda (Natalie Portman) in the film Léon: The Professional? Inspired by the short bobs of the 80s and 90s, the blunt bob is a straight bob with clear-cut precise lines. It is worn extremely short, just below ear length, keeping the nape of the neck free of hair. A daring haircut, ideal for warm weather, which can be decorated with a whole variety of different fringes or a side-swept front section for a more contemporary style. A must for this spring, many celebs have already gone for this look. Why not give it a try yourself?

The blunt bob: who does it suit?

Good news, this on-trend bob suits almost all hair types, whether it be straight or curly, fine or thick, except tight curls. The blunt bob is perfect for giving character to oval faces and also suits faces with square chins for a slightly androgynous style. The only drawback is that you should be wary of this blunt bob's "helmet head look" if your face is rather round.

How should it be worn?

For a look which is the height of fashion, wear the blunt bob wavy for a perfect summer hairstyle and a natural look. All you need to do is scrunch your locks using a few squirts of Jean Louis David's Beach Spray. This easy-to-create hairstyle looks great and can take you anywhere. Just what you need to make peace with more drastic haircuts!

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