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Find out how to get this casual hairstyle
Find out how to get this casual hairstyle
Find out how to get this casual hairstyle

A 2017 trend: the swept-back bob


You have a beautiful bob which ensures that your hair is both neat and perky-looking in all situations. Perfect! However, for a sophisticated evening out or a romantic dinner, break away from your standard look by sweeping your hair towards the back. WOW effect guaranteed!

Poker straight locks , wavy hair, a low mini ponytail... You think you have exhausted all options with your mid-length bob. Yet you haven't yet tried the current trend, swept-back locks. Without using gel to get your hair to hold, you can even avoid the slicked-back effect for a casual finish which is more suited to the daytime.

Perfectly swept-back locks

To sweep your hair back without using gel or wax, get your hands on straighteners, a hog's hair brush, a can of hairspray and flat hairpins.

Step 1. Straighten your hair, to make creating the swept-back look easier and to get an even finish.

Step 2. Backcomb at the roots to give volume and above all, hold to your hairstyle.

Step 3. Gently brush your hair towards the back to create an even finish.

Step 4. Discreetly slip in one or two flat hairpins behind each ear to get your hair to hold in place.

Step 5. Finish it all off with hairspray.

Personalise your swept-back bob

For rock'n'roll attitude, wear a bandana folded into a narrow headband so as not to ruin the backcombed effect. For a sophisticated look, put in a few rhinestones on one side. However, even without any accessories, this hairstyle looks fabulous by itself.

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